The largest talent experience event ever is happening right at my desk this week! TalentWeek is a week-long online event August 24-28. Through daily webinars, it’s a celebration of recruiting, retaining and developing rockstar employees. Presented by Qualtrics, a computer software company based in Utah, they’ve packed the week with best practices, professional development tips, and industry-leading speakers and they’re not kidding. Richard Branson, Lou Adler, Joel Peterson are live, and representing top firms like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Tesla, Virgin, LinkedIn, Hootsuite, and many more!

With incredible content and daily development tips, I’ll be sharing some of their innovative stories and articles and using them to plan coaching strategies for clients. We’re covering things like why people want leaders who are reliable and trustworthy more than someone who is well-liked. How do you begin to establish that kind of relationship with your employees? How do you hire and keep the best employees? What you can do to get the most out of your employees. And, you can’t get to the right answer if you aren’t asking the right question.

What I especially liked today from leadership expert Marshall Goldsmith, was his webinar on Triggers: Creating Behavior That Lasts, Becoming the Person You Want to Be and 10 Belief Triggers that Sabotage Your Success. I’ve added his book to my winter reading list. He shares research that supports his message and presents it in a clear and concise manner. He’s written 35 books, so he’s obviously good. Daily Questions with his Checklist Manifesto and other processes will change your career. He suggests using Active Questions versus Passive Questions; scraping ‘Do I have meaningful work?’ for ‘Did I do my best to [and ten fill in the blank]?’ Here are the six questions Marshall suggests we ask ourselves each day:

Did I do my best to:

  1. Be Happy?
  2. Find Meaning?
  3. Be Fulling Engaged?
  4. Build Positive Relationships?
  5. Set clear goals?
  6. Make progress towards my goals or achieve them?

Even in a boring meeting, think what might improve if you focused on just four of those questions. What would you do differently? Marshall interviewed 100,000 people and not a one said they wouldn’t do anything.

Am I doing my best to:

  1. Be Happy?
  2. Find Meaning?
  3. Build Positive Relationships?
  4. Be Fully Engaged?

I’ll add some of his other tips in the next weeks.

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