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HaleHR has been designed and dedicated to business owners, leaders and HR professionals who need specific human resources services on a short-term or project basis.  I like to create a partnership with clients and customize my HaleHR service options that best suit a client’s business needs. HR Services may include updates on employment law, legal compliance, performance improvement and employee issues, recruitment, training, organizational development, strategic management, and best human resources practices.

How to Select Your HR Consultant

Select the professional who will care about your business as much as you do.

Choose the professional with experience to create and manage your HR solutions and work within your budget.

Whether your needs are project-specific or for a long-term HR program, go for the professional who will make it happen.

How to Begin With HaleHR

The first step is to invite me to meet with you to discuss your specific goals.

I’ll prepare a summary of what you wish to accomplish immediately and how we can begin to achieve this plan.

Additionally, a general task list and schedule will be presented that shows how I’ll participate with you and your team.

Top 10 Reasons to Use HaleHR

10. You procrastinate on writing policies and procedures because you don’t have a clear-cut plan on how to tackle them.

9. An employee handbook would benefit your company and staff, but where do you begin?

8. You want to create awareness for your business and be an employer of choice, but how?

What I Do

HR Management Services


Benefits Administration


Employee Training


HR Consulting


Safety/Risk Management


How I Do It


Consultation meeting with client to assess their specific HR and Business needs and goals


A customized summary of items to accomplish is prepared for client


The overall scope of work (task list and schedule) is completed

Final Touches

The budget is drafted and finalized for design and implementation of HR services plan


Care. Communication. Commitment. Action. Results. Innovation. Creativity. Flexibility. Quick to Serve.

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